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Germany – A hippie state lead by its emotions


No, this is not an i-Arose invention; but in September 2015, the beginning of the present illegal migrant crisis, Professor Anthony Glees a prominent commentator on European affairs, has described Germany as "a hippie state, being led by its emotions." His words, describing Germany's role in the migrant crisis were already then making headlines on websites and in newspapers. Professor Anthony Glees, who is the Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham, spoke to Newsday.

This expression doesn’t only show the controversy Germany is in, but also the illogical and unnatural combinations and compromises it is executing and calling for. For example, hippies rejected mainstream organized religion in favor of a more personal spiritual experience. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism often resonated with hippies, as they were thought to be less rule-bound, and less likely to be associated with existing monotheistic religions. Some hippies embraced neo-paganism, especially Wicca. By the 1960s, western interest in Hindu spirituality and yoga reached its peak.

So Germany wants to prove the world that they can do better and always good after the dark era of the 3rd Reich. Infiltrated with guilt and riddled with shame, and consciously and unconsciously manipulated to hate the German identity; the seemingly tolerant self-made modeled main stream showcase of a softened center, a left and green and liberal mixture has come to a point of absurdity and artificially existence.

We all reject the dictate of the past, nobody, and that includes the parties as AfD in Germany (Alternative for Germany) and the PVV (Party for Freedom Netherlands) i.e. That is why, and only because of that, the present political executions are creating an irreparable fallen Europe.

The unnatural combinations and compromises are not done within Europe, to strengthen inter-European relations and resolve differences; no, they are done to eliminate Europe in how we know it; a Europe of freedom, humanity and peace. The illegal import of an Islamic culture is not just a threat to democracy, freedom and humanity, but also to peace. We just have to observe the middle east and we receive all answers.

Already in 2006 Professor Anthony Glees wrote an article in the Independent arguing for internment without trial and the overturning of the European Convention on Human Rights. Glees argued that, 'Academics should think the unthinkable,' and 'not be blinkered by political correctness.' He argued that the European Convention on Human Rights had 'gone too far' and was 'deeply flawed'.

In the closing paragraph of the article Glees called for action 'against extremism' and urged Britain's Muslims to leave the country:

Liberal democracy will be easily destroyed if we do not act against extremism. We give our enemies the weapons they need to destroy us. We need to be more mindful that there is a threshold that should not be crossed. Not everything is permissible. Wearing the niqab is saying we don't want to be British. Forty per cent of British Muslims say they want to live under sharia law. That is unacceptable. They should go to a country with sharia law. (Source: Powerbase)


This is yet one of many examples of warnings and statements by highly educated people; and nobody seems to bother.


Europe is following a tactic lead by politicians as Angela Merkel, Mark Rutte, Jean Claude Juncker, etc. The idea is pursuing what they have started, make fake compromises to appease the opposition they just dismiss by calling them “far right” or “political extremists”, racists or Nazis. All logically wrong and irrational; but it sounds good, because nobody wants to be called out “bad” in society, or to be associated with the bad. The newest development is what we can observe in Germany. The government was about to collapse under the pressure of the coalition partner CSU, the Bavarian counterpart of the nation-wide CDU, the party of Angela Merkel. The minister for interior took an AfD stance, by saying that illegal migrants should be rejected entry. Merkel did not want that, so a deep internal fight begun. We must know that the state of Bavaria will have elections soon, and the CSU, always the strongest party there, is weakening, and all because of the AfD party. Bavarians are known to have more national pride and identity.

Rarely have CSU and CDU disputed in the asylum issue, at times, the Union was apparently facing the split. Now Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel have come to an agreement. According to the Federal Chancellor and Federal Interior Minister, transit centers will in future ensure that no asylum seekers come to Germany who are already registered in another EU country. But is this really a new agreement?

In principle, there are already some sort of transit centers in Germany. Namely at certain airports, such as in Munich. The so-called airport procedure checks asylum seekers who come to Germany from a country classified as safe. This is exactly what is being done at airports already. The airport procedure allows accelerated decisions and rejections. So, nothing new here!

The compromise between the CDU and CSU yet stipulates, that the "transit centers" will only be set up once agreements have been concluded with Austria and Italy. But the new right-wing government in Rome has no interest whatsoever in taking back registered refugees, and their representatives have said that very clearly. So, what happens if there is no agreement, ergo no "transit centers" can be built? Anyone asking these questions in the government hears nothing but eloquent excuses.

There is no plan B. Not even the concrete idea of ​​finding a solution on the model of the Turkey deal (which swap one refugee for the other and additionally transfer a lot of money). There is only hope that everything will go well somehow (The typical Merkel strategy to sit and sit and wait and wait, until things resolve by itself or are no longer questioned). The huge relief that this daydream that the last moment federal government has been saved from the falling apart, is just temporal, as there is opposition; real opposition, hence the AfD. In a movie that would be a nice punch line. In the government of the most powerful country in Europe it is an indictment; a shame.

Ten thousands of people have died in the sees on their way to Europe; and why? Because the EU and its illusional leaders are supporting the illegal migration, the human traffickers and the flooding of European countries.

Europe’s open border policy was created for the people and the trade of all its belonging nations, not for externals. We all know that immigration is necessary, but in a matter that serves the continent and develops it. The mass immigration of mostly uneducated, even illiterate and cultural so much different people is of no help, but a burden for the people, the social welfare system and the tax payers. Whilst highly educated people from Asia, who don’t want to overturn the system, are over and over applying for legal migration, economic migrants, criminals and Islamic people come in without hindrance.

Angela Merkel is power hungry, as much as the EU body of Brussels is. They don’t care about identity, patriotism or western values; but they have not yet succeeded. Countries as Hungary, Italy and Austria show us that there is a possibility for U-Turn.


 By Thomas Fleckner




The Showdown


Europe is awakening from its fake beauty sleep.

Bundestag (German parliament) President Wolfgang Schäuble has sharply reprimanded the AfD Group and the deputy Thomas Seitz for a minute silence in the case of Susanna. (Susanna was a 14 year old girl who was raped and killed by a Muslim illegal migrant from the middle east. One source: "A single member of parliament may not collect the Bundestag by an arbitrary call for a minute of silence for its purposes," said Schäuble on Thursday in the Bundestag. He urged that democratic rules be observed, and no hatred be encouraged. We ask ourselves what keeping a minute silence for a rape and murder victim has to do with hatred.

Seitz told last Friday in his parliament speaking time, that he had dedicaded to give his speaking time for the killed Susanna. The 14-year-old girl was found dead in Wiesbaden a few days ago. Seitz had been demonstratively silent with reference to Susanna - together with the deputies of his faction, some of which rose from their seats.


Whist this seems to be a winning step for the so called main stream governments again, we can observe European countries standing up to take measures. Austria wants to set an end to the illegal influx, which Hungary has already started longer before. Italy stops illegal migrants from docking their harbor for the first time and after the election of a new right wing government. Source:


Outside Europe, but with huge influence, Trump shakes the G7 summit, by refusing a common communique and the wish to have Russia back, which also Italy supports.



In Germany, Merkel and the CSU are on confrontation course, with the sister party CSU of Bavaria demanding a national handle to send the refugees away, following the example of Austria or France. In reaction, the Chancellor wants now not only in two weeks, but faster to seek a European agreement. That sounds like a Merkel compromise, not a national agreement, as her time is over. We must note, that this new hardline stance comes from the fact that the AfD party is in the Bundestag and there are elections ahead in Bavaria. Maybe the CSU is finding back to their routes and is no longer willing to bow before Merkel over and over again.

Recent media reports have also pointed to barely manageable disagreements, possibly including personal rollout. For example, the "Welt am Sonntag" reported that Mr. Seehofer (Interior Minister) questioned the CSU's internal future cooperation with Merkel. "I cannot work with the woman anymore," he is claimed to have said twice.

State Secretary Günter Krings of the CDU warned about a break between CDU and CSU in the Bundestag with reference to a similar process more than 40 years ago. That time both parties were in opposition. "A Bundestag in which the CDU is in the government, and the CSU in the opposition, is something nobody likes to seriously imagine," said Krings.

There is a hope that the hopeless EU as it is may still see a chance to fall into a Europe of national states with national souverain status and the defense of its culture, identity and freedom. European projects can still be done, and all European countries will be happy to work together, but without external interference on national level from Brussels. The secular Europe it has fought for over decades may be saved from the influx of the most non-democratic and totalitarian and human rights abusing system through its blind followers.

Meanwhile in The Netherlands, Geert Wilders has got the green light from parliament to organize a "Mohammed cartoon" competition in the name of freedom and expression. The goal is to have as many cartoonists as possible make cartoons about the founder of Islam. We may see angry Muslims threaten the House of Representatives, and possibly set fire to embassies and consulates of the Netherlands in the Middle East. These expected outbursts only come from Islam, showing again how incompatible it is, because Europeans can draw any other religious figure without fearing for their life and health. Europe went already through decades of Christian terror; it doesn’t need another religious dark age again.


By Thomas Fleckner






Lies, election, old government – The losers and liars back to rule


The SPD (Social Democratic Party Germany) drew its worst result in the last German national elections under its leader Martin Schulz. This was a result showing, that the voters wanted the SPD on the opposition chairs. Martin Schulz stated even in October 2017: “Our role is in the opposition. That’s how its going to remain.” A big lie, spoken out by a man who has been show mastering around the nation as simple, down to earth man. Mr. Schulz belonged 20 ears to the EU establishment, and is in reality a millionaire, now representing a former labor party, a party for the common man. What a joke!

In TV talk shows, he presents himself as the man for social equality, and that he broke off school and was an alcoholic, is something he reacts annoyed when asked about.

Martin Schulz’s yearly income as EU parliamentarian was 99000 Euro; not much you may think, specially to become a millionaire. But this is just the beginning. 51500 Euro per year for general expenses comes on top and further a representation fee and more and more can be listed. All in all, Martin Schulz earnt 280000 Euro per year, just from being a EU parliamentarian.

The German “Welt” wrote in November 2017 that there will be no grand coalition:

The Guardian wrote, just in December 2017: The leader of Germany’s Social Democratic party has denied reports that he has green-lighted talks about another “grand coalition” with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

“The reports are plainly and simply wrong,” the SPD leader, Martin Schulz, said on Friday after claims in the German newspaper Bild that the two parties had agreed to begin exploratory talks on a new coalition following a meeting with the German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on Thursday.

The newspaper said the participants – Merkel, her Bavarian ally Horst Seehofer and Schulz – had discussed various options for forming a government, including a grand coalition, setting up a minority government under Merkel, or holding new elections. But they ultimately agreed to start talks about a rerun of the conservative coalition.

So now Germany has a new government, formed out of the two yet biggest parties, yet with the greatest losses ever during elections. The fear of heated debates in parliament can be placed aside, as this is what Angela Merkel likes: Deals behind closed doors, and then some little show debates in parliament. The SPD and the CDU have grown together since years, wiping out left or right positions, uniting to a German Unity Party anyway. Merkel knows this way of playing politics well. The GDR SED, the Socialist Unity Party was the rule under which she grew up, now using democracy to aim for the same, this time not under socialism, but just under another name.

It is now left for the AfD to lead the opposition even harsher and harder, and make sure, that what the SPD has done now, will lead to their ultimate downfall!

Martin Schulz is a false and lying politician, only looking at his political position, not regarding the ordinary man, and not opposing the politics of Angela Merkel!


By Thomas Fleckner




Germany's failure; again


Antisemitism is a crime in Germany, ad of course it is, due to the dark history of Germany. And now, due to the open border policy, another illegal act implemented by the present government, Germany is importing antisemitism with open arms. It doesn’t require a PhD to know, that the enemy of Islam is Jewism.

Roughly two weeks ago, Berlin was faced with an incident that overshadowed the news.

In the district of “Prenzlauer Berg” in Berlin, two young men were attacked due to being Jew. This is what happened:

Two Kippa-wearing men have been verbally abused and attacked in Berlin by three unknown persons. As the police confirmed, the 21-year-old Israeli and his 24-year-old German companion were on the way on Tuesday evening in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, as three perpetrators initially insulted the two men.

One of the group then struck with a belt onto the 21-year-olds. His companions yet are said to have prevented him on further attacks, according to police.

The 21-year-old Israeli filmed the attack. A video spread on the internet shows a young man slamming a belt and calling "Jahudi" (Arabic for Jew). The attacker says, "I'm filming you." As a result, the companion of the attacker pushes him away. In the background, a woman calls, "I call the police." Then the attacker shouts: "Jew or non-Jew, you have to deal with it." What happened before is not visible in the recording.

On Israeli television, the young man later said that he and his companion had previously "walked on the street in the normal way - we have not talked to anyone". Then three men suddenly started to abuse him. When his friend told them to stop, "they got angry, one of them ran to me".”            


Shortly after the attack, the Central Council of Jews advises against wearing the Kippa, a little cap that is worn by Jews, therefor identifying them as such. Failure to oppose open anti-Semitism will ultimately endanger our democracy, "said the President of the Central Council of Jews. And right he is, as let’s think of another scenario. What if suddenly Christians are attacked when identified as such through wearing a cross on the chain, or Atheists or Agnostics, when wearing a t-shirt showing a quote of Christopher Hitchens or Carl Sagan? For sure there would be an up-rise of outrage from the Christian community and government; but for the Atheists or Agnostics, I would not dare to make a prognosis regarding the reaction from government. But nevertheless, both Christians and Non-believers are also the enemy of Islam.

Coming back to the call for not wearing the Kippa. This is a big shame for Germany; and it seems that the call for not wearing a burka or a niqab is dealt with more fearful and unwillingly, than removing the Kippa from someone’s head, a symbol that is neither sexistic, oppressive nor disguising hence masking.

Die Welt, a German newspaper wrote the following:

“The Jewish Community in Berlin has called for a solidarity campaign with the Jews in the city on Wednesday. The motto "Berlin wears Kippa”; as many people as possible should set a sign against anti-Semitism.

The police have recorded an increase in anti-Semitic attacks for years, having had 288 cases in 2017. The Research and Information Center for Anti-Semitism Berlin (RIAS) has calculated even higher figures for 2017. It recorded 947 cases, including some that are not criminally relevant.


On the 27th of April, another incredible case popped up.  Allegedly, the ex-leader of the BAMF has accepted bribes in Bremen. Asylum applications were wrongly granted asylum. This should have created significant security risks. 

The affair of suspected wrong decisions in positive asylum decisions of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in Bremen draws more circles. According to "Spiegel" information, the suspended ex-leader should have foregone a security-relevant document check in one case. A co-accused interpreter is said to have received 500 euros from refugees. The prosecutor Bremen did not want to comment on both. There are many speculations, but only at the end of the investigation could be clarified, said a spokesman for the authority.

It is shocking how the Leftist bypass German laws and help illegal migrants to infiltrate the system. This not only hurts Germany as a country, but also shows how uncontrolled and wrong immigration works in Germany. Germany needs 35000 nurses and care takers, which people from Asia for example could do perfectly. Those migrants have no interest in destroying the system or creating parallel societies or no-go zones. They integrate well, learn the language fast and are of great help for society. Not that Islamic migrants stand out for mainly not being integrated, as their religion dictates their god Allah as highest authority and not German law, but due to its sexist and segregated policy, wouldn’t even allow women to be nurses or care takers touching men.

What adds worse on all the latter mentioned, as that now the AfD (Alternative for Germany) is blamed for what has happened. A recent statement rings alarm bells:

“From the point of view of the designated anti-Semitism commissioner of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, the AfD has contributed to the fact that anti-Semitism is more noticeable in Germany today. Klein said, "Anti-Semitism has become more blatant." This probably has something to do with the fact that the political climate has become rougher overall.”


This is an interesting and shocking statement which needs to be corrected. First of all, “anti-Semitism is more noticeable in Germany today”; that is true, but not the fault of the AfD. The AfD is just rightly pointing the cases out, cases the present and former government has just swept under the table. Silence is not solving problems! Further, Markel’s open-door policy has invited more and more anti-Semitic people into the country, resulting in an increase of attacks on Jews. So, who’s fault is it?


By Thomas Fleckner





German elections countdown to the known. But....


With all means the present government and the main stream 'leftist' tendentious media has done all to suppress or even blend out all positive aspects of the only present alternative party in Germany, the AfD (Alternative for Germany). As they definitely were successful to a certain degree, manipulating the either uninterested, or brain washed population of Germany, the power of the internet, and access to other neutral TV channels have kept a large minority of people awake and informed. The short but yet powerful and important talk shows, where AfD politicians were invited sent some waves through society. Finally, the obvious braking of national laws by Angela Merkel, through implementing the open door policy, letting in hundred thousands, yes millions of illegal migrants into the country, tapping into Germany's social welfare system and causing billions of Euros extra cost, whereby schools, roads and bridges and the own unemployed national citizens are swept aside.

Latest polls see the AfD at 7 to 10% of the votes in this month’s national elections, giving them was to occupy seats in the German parliament. The rise of the new centre right, which the main stream media insults as far right, is not a German phenomenon, but has already been observed in The Netherlands, through Geert Wilders PVV (Party for Freedom), Marine Le Pen's Front National in France and UKIP in UK.

The trend to more self-standing and deciding has been marked through BREXIT and the conflict of inflowing Muslims into the secular Europe.

The AfD was founded in 2013, starting as an Eurosceptic party, but then evolved into a movement against the "Islamification of Germany" through uncontrolled Islamic influx. It underlines its stance through the fact that only a minority of roughly 10% came from the war regions of Syria, all other entered as economic migrants from other Muslim Middle East countries and Africa.

Germany is known to have a more moderate population, where conflict and 'going against' (unless is left) is shunned; but yet there is a silent percentage of people who support and will vote for the AfD, without voicing it out in public, just to avoid issues at work, within the family with friends, or even violent attacks; a sad development for a country that stamps itself as democratic.

However, and again; the group of people that want their country protects, culture preserved and freedom upheld is not small. The Dutch party PVV ended at second place during the Dutch elections this year and the French Front National gained tremendously during the elections.

The AfD is most likely to have seats in the German Bundestag, and therefore have the chance to form a 'real' opposition; something the Germany government needs. Angela Merkel, over the years, was very successful in forming an unofficial 'bloc party', just as she knew from her former GDR upbringing. We can ask ourselves; whoever one votes for, one gets Merkel; and whatever a party stands for, Markel’s CDU stands for it too, even in a way. Latest issues were the vote on same sex marriage, where Merkel stroke master plot. She opposing the law, but knowing it would pass one day anyway, with the Greens and the social democrats having it written in their party programs, Mrs Merkel called for a vote in parliament. Having that done, she told everybody that she was against it, saving her face. On the other hand presenting her as democratic, but letting the vote decide, and lastly taking away one important point in the other parties reasons to be elected for. This was also a fake liberal move, moving attention away from her real migration problem and the Islamisation.

This decision shows how hypocrite she and the main stream is actioning. 

The creation of an “illusion multi culti society”, seemingly tolerant country towards all is bound to a great downfall when continuing this way.

Being tolerant towards the intolerant, equalising natural biological facts that don't destroy with chosen belief systems which aim to destroy and take over, and openly bringing down national identity, culture and democracy is more than just a trait, its a crime against society.

With all this said and all the horrible actions against the country, even with all the continuous branding of the AfD as populist and far right, even extremists or Nazis even, the Alternative for Germany has managed to cling on and grow, as labelling does not reflect the truth of the party.

Both Angela Merkel as well as Martin Schulz (Present chancellor candidate for the social democrats SPD) have branded the AfD as 'racist'. Mr Schulz said: “We must do everything to ensure that such racists don’t enter the Bundestag!”

Its hilarious in a way, that seemingly grown up people still don't know the meaning of racist. Being against Islam or the islamisation is neither racist against a group or an individual, as religion is not a race. When it comes to opposing Christianity i.e. the word racist is never used.

When the AfD will end up third strongest party as forecasted here (, a new opposition era will be opened and one of the first steps that will be taken by the party is a no-confidence vote against Angela Merkel for braking the laws, by opening the borders to all.


Another important point when exposing Merkel is her way of doing things. She is silent and takes no specific opinion, waiting for the trends and last moment decisions to either weaken the opposition or project away from the real problems she faces. Opposition is what she doesn’t want or like, so instead of opposing, she embraces. Examples are the step out of nuclear power, a Green party fight; betterment in social welfare and workers’ rights, a social democrats fight, and the liberal approach towards businesses with less government interference, a Liberal Party stance. But next to embracing and swallowing other parties programs she also lied, silently but obviously! The worse thing about it; she lies but the German citizens seem not to care or mind.


Angela Merkel: "All specialists from Africa and the Balkans are very welcome!" Yes, Germany has an enormous skilled labour force need! We must make even more propaganda in Africa and the Balkans and create even more incentives to get a lot more young people to Germany - engineers, doctors ...”


Interesting statement and a lie within. Where is the skilled labour there? The standards from those countries were never accepted in the West. Where is the invitation towards countries that fit, like South America, Asia or Russia? This is not an invitation for the skilled, but with the aim to bring down standards.


The so-called "specialists" from abroad, who now generally only have the title "refugees", can almost all not speak German, represent the interests of Islam - and have largely no interest in integrating themselves.


They now burden the social system of Germany at the expense of the taxpayer, and at the expense of the local population in general. Yet the social system of Germany must support it, the law dictates it. We must ask ourselves who the real winner or gainer is, and who the loser.


  • 2013 September 1, 8.29 pm: "There will be no private car toll with me." In March 2015 the Bundestag and on May 8 2015 the Federal Council voted for the car toll the law.
  • 2013/2014: Merkel thus made an election campaign and propaganda that there would be a so-called "no-spy agreement". But such an agreement has never been offered or agreed with by the US at any time.
  • 2010: Merkel considers multiculturalism "absolutely failed" ( In 2015, she does the opposite buy opening the doors to millions of fake refugees declaring them to be in danger.

More here in the Washington Post:

"Multiculturalism leads to parallel societies and therefore remains a ‘life lie,’ ” or a sham, she said, before adding that Germany may be reaching its limits in terms of accepting more refugees. "The challenge is immense," she said. "We want and we will reduce the number of refugees noticeably."

The present actions are a 180 degree U-turn!

  • 2009: Merkel wrote in the coalition agreement that there will be a lower, fairer and simpler tax system. Today, Germany still has a complicated tax system and pays billions for non-national interests.
  • 2012: "Chancellor Angela Merkel concludes Eurobonds..." it says continuously in the propaganda. In the meantime, Eurobonds have become a global player on the bond market, as can be seen in the ESM website (
  • 2008: Merkel said, that in the future no bank could be so large and system-relevant that the states could be blackmailed by it. Today, almost all banks are even bigger than then.
  • 2008: Merkel and Steinbrück: "Savings deposits are safe". The safeguarding of all savings would greatly exceed the federal budget. A corresponding parliamentary legitimation never existed.
  • 2015: Merkel always rejected a debt cut in the negotiations with Greece, but now it happened, nevertheless.


It is important to realise, that Merkel is not acting in any way in the interests of the German people. She is acting as a world globalisation leader, and it’s obvious. Barack Obama passed on his mantle to Angela Merkel, not to his successor Donald Trump; this may be more symbolically of course, as Merkel is not the president of the US, but she was the puppet player of the former president, proven by not hardly condemning the spying of the US on her and the country, and allowing the US to fly deadly drone attacks from Ramstein, a city in Germany, hence from non US territory.

(More here:


Remains the hope that Germans vote wisely during the upcoming election, giving re-birth to democracy in Germany, by creating a strong and constructive opposition. Creating a new government may sadly be too much wishful thinking at this stage.


By Thomas Fleckner

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    The same as religions indoctrinates peoples from early age, North Korea's regime programs it's citizens into a constant mindset of war. As North Korea was always known for it's... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE There is a new Leftist campaign; discreetly wanted but stupidly open
Monday, 11 March 2019
  There is a new Leftist campaign; discreetly wanted but stupidly open   Most people who oppose the so-called main stream are discriminated against by the latter; portrayed as pub-level talkers,... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Oh no? There is no islamisation going on? You must be kidding!
Sunday, 08 July 2018
  Oh no? There is no islamisation going on? You must be kidding!   Our false center left Merkel, Rutte, Juncker block, including all the fake opposition formed of the Greens, the far left (Die... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE We are democracy! ?
Saturday, 16 December 2017
  We are democracy! ?   The AfD presents in the Bundestag an application for complete border protection and rejection of the present uncontrolled influx of migrants. Under a huge verbal... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The third attempt to conquer Europe – Historical evidence
Tuesday, 12 December 2017
  The third attempt to conquer Europe – Historical evidence   Europe is in danger, it is about to lose its freedom, culture and history.   In old days, it was a pure religious war, but now in... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE There is a responsibility
Saturday, 18 November 2017
  There is a responsibility   Club leaders are responsible for their club, organization leaders for their org’s, political leaders for their country; but it doesn’t end here. Labels come with... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The leftist puppets and totalitarian like mainstreaming
Monday, 11 March 2019
  The leftist puppets and totalitarian like mainstreaming   The world has a new innocence role model. A 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg. Since the climate summit in Katowice and her appearance at... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Peter Tatchell; a disgrace for the LGBT community
Monday, 18 June 2018
  Peter Tatchell; a disgrace for the LGBT community   Peter Tatchell was arrested in Russia, for demonstrating for LGBT rights in Chechnya. The sign Tatchell was wearing around his neck read:... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE This is how coward the Greens and CDU Germany are
Saturday, 02 June 2018
This is how coward the Greens and CDU Germany are   I gave it a try to post in their party official Facebook sites. What happened was most astonishing. No reaction at all. No even one comment... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE How the German TV promotes supporting and hiding illegal Muslim migrants
Saturday, 22 April 2017
  How the German TV promotes supporting and hiding illegal Muslim migrants   German public service broadcaster ARD is featuring a weekly series called "Lindenstrasse". Its a leftist... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Seperation of church and state? I dont think so!
Friday, 21 October 2016
  Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner   Lets put the topic aside. But secular democracy should be without priests! U.S. presidential campaign tensions seeped into a... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Why Humanism is not a left wing exclusiveness
Saturday, 22 April 2017
  Why Humanism is not a left wing exclusiveness   Humanism is an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanists stress the... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Do-Gooders are not good doers - The downfall of Humanism
Saturday, 22 April 2017
  Do-Gooders are not good doers - The downfall of Humanism     An alien space ship crashes in the Arctic, and a group of army pilots fly to check it out. Inside the space ship they find wounded... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE ARose askes for help .... Please read! Please share!
Monday, 28 November 2016
  Slow Dance This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer. She wants to see how many people get her poem. It is quite a poem, please pass it on. This poem was written by a terminally ill... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Europäischer Humanismus entgleist
Sunday, 27 September 2015
  Europäischer Humanismus entgleist     Was ist Humanismus? Humanismus ist eine philosophische und ethische Haltung, die den Wert und die Wirkung des Menschen  in den Vordergrund... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Unboxing Humanism
Monday, 01 July 2013
    The dwellers within the eclipsed peninsula of Scandinavia are unsung evidences that one can be morally principled without religion so long as you have empathy, ethics, and conscience as... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE A Special Occasion for the Atheists of Metro Manila
Monday, 08 May 2017
  A Special Occasion for the Atheists of Metro Manila   In a country where its society is influenced by the Catholic religion, a meet-up which is being attended by non-believers is quite rare and... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
Friday, 14 August 2015
  “A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it,    or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.”... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The irony of the religious LGBTs
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
  They even agree with the anti LGentimeBT snts of the Catholic priests who declaim their biases on their pulpits. The Catholic leaders indeed have an evident and obvious repulsion against LGBTs... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Atheists and Humanists should act as role models
Saturday, 01 June 2013
    Only certain countries are lucky and privileged to be secular, and situated with an Atheist or at least not religious dominant influenced society. But be it so, many countries are... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE When the belief is satisfied, reality is left behind Pets and Atheism –
Wednesday, 24 April 2013
    Followers of religions believe in life after death, well, not all of them to be fair. This gives them an imaginary eternity, a feeling of perpetual comfort and salvation from the... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Germany is dropping in its safety ranking
Monday, 11 March 2019
  Germany is dropping in its safety ranking   According to a recent ranking for gays and lesbians, Germany has become less secure. Sweden, Canada and Portugal are the LGBT-friendliest travel... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Indonesia: Another case of religion poisons everything
Saturday, 20 May 2017
  Indonesia: Another case of religion poisons everything   On May 17 2017, we could read that a Sharia court in Indonesia’s Aceh province had sentenced two men for having gay sex. The court... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The LGBT Quest for Equality Continues
Monday, 20 June 2016
  The LGBT Quest for Equality Continues     It has already been a week since the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history took place in Orlando Florida in 12 June 2016, where... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The right to raise children
Wednesday, 24 July 2013
  In many constitutions it is clearly stated that men and women are equal, thus should be treated equally, have the same rights and opportunities. In our world the standard for families is... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Looking back at the 2013 IDAHO day
Friday, 24 May 2013
  Last May 17, different LGBT groups in Metro Manila celebrated the IDAHO Day in the Cubao Expo.  IDAHO stands for International Day Against Homophobia and is celebrated annually to... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Walmart removed Israel costume from its assortment
Friday, 30 October 2015
  Ahead of the American Halloween, retail giant Walmart had to react to the growing criticism from Muslim and ethnic Arab US citizens, due to its offer of an IDF costume. The IDF is the Israel... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Bizarre Texas law finding - Dildo attack!
Friday, 16 October 2015
  Questionable gun laws have always existed in Texas. But the law, which was passed and was enforced on August 1, 2016, is even going too far for many Texas weapons friends. (Read the law... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Mike the headless chicken
Friday, 15 March 2013
  Browsing the internet is the fastest way of coming round the world nowadays, getting the latest information’s and sometimes the most curious   MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The muslim terror doll
Sunday, 17 February 2013
 The Muslim terror doll   MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The bike in the tree
Thursday, 03 January 2013
  Nothing supernatural happened when the mother named Helen Puz, 99 years old, of son Don read in the neawspaper, that in Vashion Island, Washington   MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE @TheHitch - When readers share
Saturday, 21 July 2018
  @TheHitch - When readers share   The readers of i-ARose are often not only readers, but writers and creators of publications themselves.   Via E-Mail we were sent a blog, that was created by the... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Economist - A one sided claim
Sunday, 25 December 2016
  The Economist - A one sided claim   In the 23rd issue of the Economist, dated December 17, one article strikes the eye; its called "Creating a digital totalitarian state". It starts... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Win an amazon gift code - Great chance!
Thursday, 19 November 2015
    Sweeten your season with a chance to win purchase balance for amazon     This is a great opportunity to win an amazon gift card / code. Don't miss this, so that you can buy... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE ALFA - A new party, a new hope?
Tuesday, 08 September 2015
    ALFA - A new party, a new hope?   Since July 19 2015 Germany has a new party. Split off from the AfD (Alternative for Germany) the new ALFA Party (Alliance for Process and Renewal)... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Google Glass - See the future is here
Thursday, 01 August 2013
  Google Glass (styled "GLΛSS") is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Nudging - The 'other' way of mass manipulation
Wednesday, 25 January 2017
  Nudging - The 'other' way of mass manipulation   "Nudge or nudging is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Original 25th of December Celebrations
Tuesday, 20 December 2016
  The Original 25th of December Celebrations   Before the onset of the New Year, people around the world would annually celebrate a festivity called Christmas.  And those folks... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The human psychology on ones position - Radicalism
Saturday, 19 November 2016
  The human psychology on ones position - Radicalism   Radicalism is a result of oppression, suppression or isolation. It is the call for attention in regards to something... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Abuse of “Conditioning” By Religion
Sunday, 18 September 2016
  The Abuse of “Conditioning” By Religion   Religion is in our face every day even if we have made it out of the hands of those who abuse the minds, the religious conditioning is still... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Pascal’s Wager: Is it Your Best Bet?
Thursday, 15 August 2013
  The Wager.   “What if you’re wrong?” It’s a common question theists ask to non-believers.  What if you’re wrong and god exists and sends you to hell for your non belief?... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE

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