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Humanism Betrayed - The BHA exposed


Secularism is a movement towards the separation of religion and government. Religious laws based on scriptures such as Christian doctrines or Sharia law will be replaced by civil laws in a Secular State. Yet this will only work if the religions founded in a country would comply to such.

Islam is more than just a religion. It is a legal system that gets involved in politics. Naturally we therefore observe that Muslims who dominate their countries are labelling their nations as "Islamic state of....”.

If a state is secular, its government would not accept laws and court systems set up in parallel sub societies, like the ones we are seeing in the UK in the form of Sharia Courts.  Sharia deals with many issues, including crime, politics, marriage contracts, trade regulations, religious prescriptions, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, everyday etiquette and fasting. Adherence to sharia has served as one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Muslim faith historically.  In its strictest definition, sharia is considered in Islam as the infallible law of the Muslim god. A secular state, on the other hand, calls for a "one law for all", and would not allow setting up of zones where different laws apply whose aim is heading towards a society that would follow religious laws.

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings individually and collectively, and it would generally prefer critical thinking and evidence based rationalism, empiricism over the acceptance of dogma or superstition. In modern times, humanist movements are typically aligned with secularism, and today humanism typically refers to a non-theistic life stance centred on human agency which looks to science rather than to the revelation from a supernatural source to understand the world; so it is not really aligned with religion.

Secularism is often associated with the Age of Enlightenment in Europe and plays a major role in Western society. The principles, but not necessarily the practices, of separation of church and state in the United States and Laïcité in France draw heavily on secularism. Due in part to the belief in the separation of church and state, secularists tend to prefer that politicians make decisions for secular rather than religious reasons. In this respect, policy decisions pertaining to topics like abortion, contraception, embryonic stem cell research, same-sex marriage, and sex education are prominently focused upon.

The British Humanists Association (BHA) again have proven to have left their path of promoting a religious free society by hypocritically opposing Christianity when they can, but ironically supporting Islam by defending it. From a political point of view, we can see that the BHA, which is claiming to be a-political, leftist and Labour Party supporting, are being underlined by its leaders who are basically only accepting Labour Party politics and views. But it exactly shows the opposite when it comes to Islam.

In a recent newsletter, the BHA provides evidence in what direction it goes and that new path betrays and threatens freedom, humanism and secularism of UK and Europe. The newsletter’s title: "Affirming the principles of secularism" is misleading and wrong as it does not affirm the principles of secularism but the new principles that the BHA wants to point out in their interest would save them from attacks or repression of a religion that uses force and violence where it can. The proof lays with the BHA stance on Christianity, as in that regard, it dares to oppose. If Christianity is a religion and Islam is also a religion, then an organisation that promotes non religion and opposes religion interfering in state matters should deal with Islam the same way it deals with Christianity.

It starts with the introduction: "French secularism was the subject of sustained attention last week following an incident in which armed police were photographed ordering a woman to remove layers of her clothing on a beach in Nice."

'Burkini' beachwear bans were introduced following the terror attacks in France. Quickly the article of the BHA concluded: "We were glad when, on Friday, France's highest administrative court ruled that the bans were incompatible with French human rights legislation. We hailed the decision as a victory for secularism."

It says further: "For secularism's ideological opponents in Britain – such as the religious organisations which run a third of our schools – these bans were a perfect opportunity to decry secularism as 'intolerant' or 'militant'. But as we argued in the Independent and other places last week, only secularism can guarantee the equal treatment, by the state, of people of different religions or beliefs."

This is a very critical statement. First, the British Humanists oppose faith schools as shown in the following article: "We want to see an end to the proliferation of state-funded ‘faith’ schools. We want a progressive withdrawal of their privileges and exemptions so that religious schools are eventually absorbed back into the wider schools sector, becoming inclusive schools for all the community."

"We are also concerned with the curricula of religious schools. The

Majority of these religious schools are permitted to teach their own syllabus of Religious Education (RE), unlike community schools which must follow a locally agreed syllabus and Academies with no religious character which must teach a syllabus that is equivalent in its balance."


Yes, secularism should guarantee equal treatment, but in a way that religion is kept private and not exposed to public life, to public schools and, I would even say, to children. As stated before in this article, secularism will only work if the participating religious bodies comply and are not political, both of which we cannot find in Islam. Tolerance towards an intolerant totalitarian regime is basically absurd.

And it continues:

"When we argue for the secular state, we are arguing for a level playing field.  For people of all religions and none to be treated equally by the state, without fear of persecution or sanction for their viewpoints, and without special privileges being afforded to any particular group. This includes the right to manifest religion, and the right to criticise religions and religious customs."

It is easy to observe that Islam wouldn’t like to be called something on a "level playing field", they are damn serious and do not promote equality at all means with other religions, women and LGBT's. The right to criticise religions and religious customs will never be allowed in Islam; Worse, it will be followed up with threats, death threats and rejections.

Regarding the Burkini, the article says:

"For those who feel the Burkini is a backwards step for women's rights within Islam, the answer is not to emulate the religious authorities of Saudi Arabiaand Iran which rigorously police women's clothing. It is, instead, to champion freedom. France, whose motto is 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité!', has a special responsibility to uphold those basic underpinnings of secularism even in trying times."

France was first to introduce the separation of religion and state. Religion should be private and should not be seen on public grounds. The Burka and Burkini are clearly symbols showing the religious affiliation. The concept of equality of women is not recognised in the Islamic religion as only women are enforced to wear it and not men. The Burkini is surely not a sign of women’s liberation but a form of textile prison, suppression and hiding.

Finally we can read:

"In an example closer to home of why we need secularism, young women were banned from going to university by the decree of one ultra-religious strictly Orthodox sect on the basis that women's education 'is against the Torah'. Our blog Faith Schoolers Anonymous, which acts as an outlet for people within these communities to share their experiences, was informed about the story. We continue to push for greater action against those running illegal Charedi schools in London."

If the BHA opposes Charedi schools in London as written in this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35928801); why do the BHA officials not push against sharia courts, no go zones and patriarchist doctrines supressing women and abusing children? Is it fear and cowardice? What does the BHA want? "We campaign for a secular state, challenge religious privilege, and promote equal treatment in law and policy of everyone regardless of religion or belief."

Obviously Islam is constantly pushing for religious privileges, be it in education, law, politics and special rights in regards to exemptions due to the belief system and dress codes. If the BHA truly opposes religious privileges it should oppose what Islam is doing in the West.

The BHA also wishes to build itself as a sustainable and nationally-recognised organisation as a voice for non-religious people. Why does it then voice for Islam?


By Thomas Fleckner




The 1st of May Labor Day is celebrated in more than 80 countries world wide. Mostly Labor Unions march the streets with their members to remember the fights for better working conditions, regular and humane working hours and better salaries.


On one side the 1st of May marks the Chicago Haymarket Affair in 1886. That day police shot down demonstrators who were fighting for an 8 hour working day. After that bloody event, it became a yearly routine for people to flood the streets to demonstrate for better working conditions. Eventually May 1st turned into a public holiday. But why is the US not celebrating Labor Day on May 1st then?


This may have two reasons. One, government was afraid, that the Haymarket Affair could increase anger and violence during the demonstrations. Realizing that yet a public holiday for the workers was necessary, was underlined through the Pullman strike on the 11th of May 1894. On that day, workers of the Pullman Palace Car Company in Chicago stood up in a strike against payment cuts and the firing of Workers Unions representatives. George Pullman was a typical welfare capitalist, without any thought about the wellbeing of his employees. The kettle was forced to boil over.


Secondly, May 1st is a celebration of the working classes that has been strongly promoted by the international labor movement anarchists and specially by socialists and communists that carry the label of “power to the working class” in their ideology. As of that, the US represents totally opposite values, and of course would want to avoid any support for socialism especially communism. This was more than obvious during the cold war, the muscle play right and left from the iron curtain; communism vs capitalism. The US celebrates its Labor Day on the first Monday of September, basically marking the end of summer. People celebrate this day with barbecues, hamburgers and hot dogs.


In The Philippines the 1st of May is known as Labor Day and is a public holiday. Generally Labor organizations and unions hold protests in major cities. On the 1st of May 1903, the Union Obrera Democratica Filipina (Filipino Democratic Labor Union) held a rally with 100000 people in front of the Malacañan Palace demanding workers economic rights and Philippine independence from the American occupancy. On the 1st of May 2001, a massive demonstration was held near the Malacañang Palace, better known as EDSA 3 or May 1 riots.


During the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, a new called holiday economics policy that moved holidays to either a Monday or a Friday to create a long weekend. In 2002, Labor Day was yet moved to 29 April. After years of protests, finally in the year 2008, Labor Day was excluded in the holiday economics policy, returning to the 1st of May finally.


By Thomas Fleckner




The month of May in the Philippines is full of cultural festivities. Many Catholic feasts are being celebrated in this month and they have become parts of the Filipino Culture and tradition. As an atheist, I find nothing wrong with the people celebrating those feasts especially that these are parts of their religion and their upbringing. What I find wrong is when the Philippine government officially gets involved in those religious celebrations.

The most famous of these religious celebrations being observed in the month of May in the Philippines is the Santacruzan. The Santacruzan is a popular religious festival held in many towns and cities throughout the Philippines as the highlight of the month-long celebration of Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) during the month of May. It is usually celebrated with a parade of decorated floats and elaborately dressed characters, representing various aspects of the Virgin Mary and other Catholic saints. The festival was introduced to the country during the Spanish period and continues to be celebrated by most if not all Filipinos.

According to popular religious legend, Saint Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, went to Calvary 300 years after Christ's death to search for Christ's cross. At the site of the crucifixion, she unearthed three crosses, and had her sick servant lie down on each one. Upon touching one of the three, the servant was cured; this cross was determined to be Christ's. The anniversary of this discovery is traditionally celebrated on May 3rd. And the reminder of Saint Helena’s finding of the cross is commemorated in Santacruzan where a beautiful young woman holding a small wooden cross would portray Helena. The custom of the Santacruzan celebration started sometime in the year 1854 in the Philippinenes.

During the Spanish times, parish priests would choose sponsors from the daughters of wealthy families. These women would shoulder the expenses, plan the festival and decorate the church as well as the floats which would be used in the procession. Young women are chosen from among the townspeople to represent the various characters in the parade. Each woman is carried on a bamboo arch and escorted by a young man. The highlight of the parade is Queen Elena, representing Saint Helena whose discovery of the cross is commemorated by this feast. She is escorted by Prince Constantine, represented by a young boy. The floats are accompanied by a brass band. Occasionally, movie and TV stars and other celebrities join in and are featured as major muse and escorts. Devotees follow the parade, holding lit candles, reciting the rosary and singing songs of praise. After the evening mass, the town mayor hosts a dinner party.

Seeing how Filipinos celebrate the Santacruzan, it is very clear that this event is religious in nature. In fact, all Santacruzan processions start and end in churches. The Santacruzan festivity is definitely a ceremony sanctioned by the Catholic authorities in the Philippines.

The Philippine government is a secular government. In fact, the current Philippine Constitution which was ratified in the year 1987 states the following laws:

Article II, Section 6
The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.

Article III, Section 5
No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and
enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or
preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be
required for the exercise of civil or political rights

It is very clear in Article II – Section 6 that any religious
laws, rituals and traditions should not have anything to do with the
current government’s official activities. And the next law, Article III
– Section 5 is one that reinforces the first law, but this time with a
stronger emphasis on the governments role on not promoting any religious

Now let’s continue by citing some news articles that tell us how some government agencies and departments are breaking the rules of the secularization policy of the government. According to a news article from the Philippine Information Agency website, the Dumaguete City Tourism Office held a government sponsored Santacruzan Festival in 2012. According to the government tourism officer quoted in the article, the Tourism Office, which is a government office, and the City Tourism Council organized and sponsored a series of events that attracted tourists and visitors to come and be a part of the celebration. The celebrations mentioned in the article include religious rituals like Santacruzans. The said activities were synced with the religious events at a Church, including novena masses which were sponsored by the city government offices.

The Philippine Star Newspaper article dated May 15, 2013, reported that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) organized a number of Santacruzan festivals around the different PAGCOR establishments around the Philippines. PAGCOR is a government owned and controlled corporation that operates casinos around the country whose revenues help fund government projects.

The Sun Star Newspaper article dated May 17, 2013, reported that the Iloilo City Government and the City Tourism Council will jointly organize a Santacruzan procession on May 24. This religious procession, according to the report, will start from Iloilo Museum and will end in San Jose parish church in Iloilo. The event is expected to provide additional cultural tourism awareness on the annual celebration of the veneration of the Virgin Mary through offering of flowers.

Religious Filipinos may call a Santacruzan a part of the culture and tradition of the Philippines. They may even claim that the Santacruzan Festivities will help boost tourism in this country. As an atheist, I could say that Santacruzans are beautiful to watch.

And Catholics have the right and freedom to celebrate Santacruzan. In fact, I encourage the Catholics to continue celebrating annually this festivity as it is a few of the beautiful things left that the Catholic religion has to offer.

What I am opposing in the celebration of Santacruzan is the involvement of government agencies in commemorating this religious event. The constitution is very clear. The government should be a secular government therefore, it shall not be allowed for any government agencies to sponsor any religious activities. That means no government agencies should promote nor discourage the holding of any religious events like the Santacruzan

By Vladimir Atheistmov




The true and twisted definition of Human Rights



The organization of Islamic cooperation is composed of 56 States of which Islam is embraced and used as the state religion. This cooperation is entitled to represent the so called Islamic world. From the beginning on, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan and Turkey. After the collapse of the Soviet Union states as Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Uzbekistan joined the organization.

Wikipedia: “The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) http://www.oic-oci.org/english/article/human.htm is a declaration of the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference adopted in Cairo, Egypt, in 1990,which provides an overview on the Islamic perspective on human rights, and affirms Islamic sharia as its sole source. CDHRI declares its purpose to be "general guidance for Member States [of the OIC] in the field of human rights".

This declaration is widely acknowledged as an Islamic response to the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ , adopted in 1948. It guarantees many of the same rights as the UDHR (cf. liberal Islam), while at the same time reaffirming the inequalities inherent in Islamic law and tradition in terms of religion, gender, sexuality, political rights, and other aspects of contemporary society at odds with Islamic law and traditions.”

The “ Islamic perspective on Human Rights” is somehow the first sentence striking ones eyes. It is an indication that in their view, Human Rights can be limited and twisted to the Islamic stance or interpretation, making the Sharia a basis for all. Like; you can enjoy freedom of speech, but not if it ridicules the so called prophet Mohamed, hence blasphemy. In Article 22(a) of the Declaration it underlines that saying: "Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Sharia."

Further; article 10 of the Declaration writes: "Islam is the religion of unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of compulsion on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to convert him to another religion or to atheism." , concluding that Atheism or religions other than Islam cannot enjoy Human Rights or equal rights.

The first article has another tricky statement: "All men are equal in terms of basic human dignity and forbids discrimination on the basis of race, color, language, belief, sex, religion, political affiliation, social status or other considerations". Interestingly we can see the phrase "human dignity" and not "human rights", which gives the sentence another unnatural twist in the favor or Islam.

Politicians of Tehran, Ankara and Islamabad have claimed, that also in their countries Human Rights are exercised.

If homosexuals are hanged, and adulterers are stoned, there are no violations of Human Rights, as these punishments are executed accordingly to the Sharia law.

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) hence states, that only this declaration is the valid source of explaining Human Rights. It is therefor prohibited to hurt the dignity of the prophet and to counter or divide the ethnic and moral values of society, even to just attempt to weaken their belief system.

That type of declaration is therefor nothing more or less than an implementation Regulation of the Sharia.

The same as with the national socialists before, it is till today embarrassing for socialists, because that system discredited socialism in its original idea and ideology. Nowadays we have the so called Islamists and the moderate Islam or common Muslims. Possible that Islamism, with its ugly faces, represented by ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Queda, represents the horrific and extreme side of Islam, the true problem remains yet with the true identity behind those masks, the daily life of the moderate Muslim societies, where on daily basis, and not constantly shown in the press, like the extremists are, peoples are flogged, whipped and hung for just who they are, hence homosexuals, because of personal choices, hence adultery and apostasy.

Human Rights are called Human Rights for a reason, and it's not called Human Rights because it represents Religious Rights, but because it represents borderless the rights of all Humans, regardless their race, sex, sexuality, belief hence religion or non-religion, social status, age and gender. Islamic countries have been criticizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), because it disregards the cultural and religious context of countries, claiming to favor the western world only.

But that is exactly the intention and value of universal Human Rights, as it stands above culture and religion, serving Humans and Humans only... Flesh and blood, not religious ideas and political ideologies.

Let me yet finally mild the entire pointing at Islam down, by pointing out, that also Christianity violates nowadays where it can, see Uganda for example. In Europe it has evolved to fit into the secular system, trying to stay alive through compromise. But also here, the ugly reality lays behind the mask, only that the mask has become transparent, leading to a massive signing out of church movement in Europe.

By Thomas Fleckner





Although the 1st of May is an internationally recognized public holiday, following the same reason, it is still approached differently. In the USA and Canada, this day is essentially disregarded. The chief basis is that this holiday is considered as a socialist holiday. People commemorate this day with strikes, industrial antagonism, rebellion, and sometimes with the Marxist revolution. Of course people nowadays celebrating the “Labor Day” are not Marxists or Socialists in most of the cases. With the decision of not paying attention to this, America has its labor day on the first Monday in September. It is celebrated in an organized way by several labor associations to point out the strengths and contributions towards the American economy and industries.


Of course in Socialist countries, the celebration focuses more on the praising of the working class, whereby in democratic states, this day is often used to demonstrate for more rights, higher wages and better working conditions. Organized marches hand in hand with labor unions are very conventional. During the cold war, East Germany and Russia held huge parades, flaunting their armor power to vast crowds of people, and to the world through the visual media. Hours of waving flags and cheering towards the leaders, whilst rockets and troops passed by were a normal occurrence during that time.


Historically, Labor Day was called Beltane, a Pegan (a form of belief before Christianity was invented) celebration which can be translated to “Day of fire”. It is a Gaelic May Day festival, and as of the 1st of May, it marks the half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This was originally observed in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. This was furthermore celebrated to look forward to the coming summer and its fertility.


A similar former tradition is called Floralia, and can be found on the Roman calendar. This was a religious festival in honor of the goddess Flora during the Republican era.


From the political side, the 1st of May is sometimes used to introduce new laws, like showing in Germany (NRW – One of the states in Germany), where smoking in Bars will be prohibited. China had introduced a new anti-corruption law in 2011, and in Belgium the national motorcycle driving license is replaced by the European license.


Although Christianity had hijacked most of the existing holidays, by renaming them into their favorable terms, such as Christmas, Easter and All Saints day, the introduction of secularism was able to turn back some of this development. Under this falls the Labor Day celebration, this truly can be observed as a non-religious and secular celebration. And days like Easter and Christmas are now sharing their way of celebrating next to each other. The religious and the secular approach are reflecting next to each other in the public scene of the nations. Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny, as invented figures have taken over the mythology of Religion in the commercial sector, as people have already accepted these as marketing strategies worldwide. Valentine's Day falls also under this group. Although also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine and can be observed on the 14th of February, this day is mainly celebrated in a very secular and human way, and many people around the world do not link this day to Christianity, exceptions could be in the Philippines or other Christian strongholds and the Anglican church, where this day is celebrated to renew the marriage vows. Other public holidays without any religious affiliation are, New Years Day, Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, Groundhog Day, Independence Day, several national heroes’ days, Mother's Day, and Father's Day for example.


Labor Day is celebrated officially in more than 80 countries and in several more unofficially.


Yet for the average employee, it is just another day off and double-pay reward to the prospective working day. And whatever approach this day has, it is truly a holiday set by humans for all humans.

By Thomas Fleckner



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  Do-Gooders are not good doers - The downfall of Humanism     An alien space ship crashes in the Arctic, and a group of army pilots fly to check it out. Inside the space ship they find wounded... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE ARose askes for help .... Please read! Please share!
Monday, 28 November 2016
  Slow Dance This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer. She wants to see how many people get her poem. It is quite a poem, please pass it on. This poem was written by a terminally ill... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Europäischer Humanismus entgleist
Sunday, 27 September 2015
  Europäischer Humanismus entgleist     Was ist Humanismus? Humanismus ist eine philosophische und ethische Haltung, die den Wert und die Wirkung des Menschen  in den Vordergrund... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Unboxing Humanism
Monday, 01 July 2013
    The dwellers within the eclipsed peninsula of Scandinavia are unsung evidences that one can be morally principled without religion so long as you have empathy, ethics, and conscience as... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE A Filipino militant Atheist - An online approach
Thursday, 15 April 2021
  A Filipino militant Atheist - An online approach   Erwin Lorenzo Escarrilla, is a young outspoken and militant Atheist in The Philippines. He is a "love it or hate it" guy, who has now, after... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE A Special Occasion for the Atheists of Metro Manila
Monday, 08 May 2017
  A Special Occasion for the Atheists of Metro Manila   In a country where its society is influenced by the Catholic religion, a meet-up which is being attended by non-believers is quite rare and... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
Friday, 14 August 2015
  “A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it,    or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.”... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The irony of the religious LGBTs
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
  They even agree with the anti LGentimeBT snts of the Catholic priests who declaim their biases on their pulpits. The Catholic leaders indeed have an evident and obvious repulsion against LGBTs... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Atheists and Humanists should act as role models
Saturday, 01 June 2013
    Only certain countries are lucky and privileged to be secular, and situated with an Atheist or at least not religious dominant influenced society. But be it so, many countries are... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Germany is dropping in its safety ranking
Monday, 11 March 2019
  Germany is dropping in its safety ranking   According to a recent ranking for gays and lesbians, Germany has become less secure. Sweden, Canada and Portugal are the LGBT-friendliest travel... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Indonesia: Another case of religion poisons everything
Saturday, 20 May 2017
  Indonesia: Another case of religion poisons everything   On May 17 2017, we could read that a Sharia court in Indonesia’s Aceh province had sentenced two men for having gay sex. The court... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The LGBT Quest for Equality Continues
Monday, 20 June 2016
  The LGBT Quest for Equality Continues     It has already been a week since the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history took place in Orlando Florida in 12 June 2016, where... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The right to raise children
Wednesday, 24 July 2013
  In many constitutions it is clearly stated that men and women are equal, thus should be treated equally, have the same rights and opportunities. In our world the standard for families is... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Looking back at the 2013 IDAHO day
Friday, 24 May 2013
  Last May 17, different LGBT groups in Metro Manila celebrated the IDAHO Day in the Cubao Expo.  IDAHO stands for International Day Against Homophobia and is celebrated annually to... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Internet finding - 50 ways...
Friday, 20 November 2020
    50 ways to eat cock: A social network finding from a magazine, that is maybe decades old MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Walmart removed Israel costume from its assortment
Friday, 30 October 2015
  Ahead of the American Halloween, retail giant Walmart had to react to the growing criticism from Muslim and ethnic Arab US citizens, due to its offer of an IDF costume. The IDF is the Israel... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Bizarre Texas law finding - Dildo attack!
Friday, 16 October 2015
  Questionable gun laws have always existed in Texas. But the law, which was passed and was enforced on August 1, 2016, is even going too far for many Texas weapons friends. (Read the law... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Mike the headless chicken
Friday, 15 March 2013
  Browsing the internet is the fastest way of coming round the world nowadays, getting the latest information’s and sometimes the most curious   MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The bike in the tree
Thursday, 03 January 2013
  Nothing supernatural happened when the mother named Helen Puz, 99 years old, of son Don read in the neawspaper, that in Vashion Island, Washington   MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE History repeats - Science fiction becomes reality
Sunday, 15 March 2020
  History repeats - Science fiction becomes reality   Think and find your own opinion! The eyes of darkness is a book that was written in 1981. Amazingly the date of the coronavirus outbreak and... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE @TheHitch - When readers share
Saturday, 21 July 2018
  @TheHitch - When readers share   The readers of i-ARose are often not only readers, but writers and creators of publications themselves.   Via E-Mail we were sent a blog, that was created by the... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Economist - A one sided claim
Sunday, 25 December 2016
  The Economist - A one sided claim   In the 23rd issue of the Economist, dated December 17, one article strikes the eye; its called "Creating a digital totalitarian state". It starts... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Win an amazon gift code - Great chance!
Thursday, 19 November 2015
    Sweeten your season with a chance to win purchase balance for amazon     This is a great opportunity to win an amazon gift card / code. Don't miss this, so that you can buy... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE ALFA - A new party, a new hope?
Tuesday, 08 September 2015
    ALFA - A new party, a new hope?   Since July 19 2015 Germany has a new party. Split off from the AfD (Alternative for Germany) the new ALFA Party (Alliance for Process and Renewal)... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE My take on the effects on teaching because of Covid-19
Sunday, 05 April 2020
  My take on the effects on teaching because of Covid-19   And now we're all right in the middle of the “Teaching in a digitized world” project, a project that Covid-19 forced on , and: in... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE Nudging - The 'other' way of mass manipulation
Wednesday, 25 January 2017
  Nudging - The 'other' way of mass manipulation   "Nudge or nudging is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Original 25th of December Celebrations
Tuesday, 20 December 2016
  The Original 25th of December Celebrations   Before the onset of the New Year, people around the world would annually celebrate a festivity called Christmas.  And those folks... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The human psychology on ones position - Radicalism
Saturday, 19 November 2016
  The human psychology on ones position - Radicalism   Radicalism is a result of oppression, suppression or isolation. It is the call for attention in regards to something... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE
IMAGE The Abuse of “Conditioning” By Religion
Sunday, 18 September 2016
  The Abuse of “Conditioning” By Religion   Religion is in our face every day even if we have made it out of the hands of those who abuse the minds, the religious conditioning is still... MOD_GLOBALNEWS_READ_MORE_TITLE

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