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Do-Gooders are not good doers - The downfall of Humanism



An alien space ship crashes in the Arctic, and a group of army pilots fly to check it out. Inside the space ship they find wounded and dead aliens, and call for scientists and doctors to arrive at the scene. The aliens look so helpless and different, with its big round eyes triggering the help instinct of its finders. Instead of trying to check out the communication system, or taking care of the alien on the spot, they decide to take them out of its space craft, bring them home, nurse and care for them. They get stronger and stronger, until they turn against their helpers. They had a mission when coming to earth ....


Sounds like one of those science fiction stories or movies we tend to turn off when the ending music starts to play. We get along with our lives as it was just a movie. But life is real, and can't be switched off.


Doing good is a humanitarian act, but by doing good, we normally don't harm ourselves or our surrounding. Its not a mission, it's a balanced action. Do-Gooders though are on a mission, they blend out what is happening as consequence. They don't think who will pay for it, what they will find in the future. It is a combination of a guilt riddled mind, the obsessed need to help, the blind eye on looking at resources and capacities. Many Germans tend to have that implanted disorder. Knowing the countries past, and being told that Germans now have to be good to everybody, even no longer to be proud of their nationality, and with the New EU, best to be a European before being German. Naturally we defend and grow pride in our direct surrounding. It's normal, as that's where we live, work and have our friends; of course there or others, travellers and the detached, but generally that is how it is. We are proud of our work, our home our friends and family; we protect and groom them, and we defend them if needed, by holding the key of our home, the contract of employment and the grown ties to our near ones.


Scepticism is another natural instinct we dearly hold. We don't just believe, we question and research. But all this seems to be willingly abolished by the present political system. Religion is one of the best companions of politics, and Europe has more and more lost that dyad. No technology or political threat can control society more than a religious count-apart.


"Politics can reach to your doorstep. Religion yet reaches into your bedroom." The invisible big brother, the triggering of basic instincts in small children, like fear, punishment and love.


The main stream media and leftist politics know this, and so our focus must be turned away from the backward societies of the middle east, and a new set up has to be created. New constellations have to be invented to fit the European personality. So what is the European personality? He or she is tolerant, wealthy or at least secured by the social net, helpful (Europeans are one of the biggest donating nations in the world) and guilt riddled (due to the history of naziism or colonising, crusades and many human rights abuses); yet also either hard working or lazy and bothered with neither primer or secondary needs but self made needs that are not relevant for survival (what car type to own, what games to play, what brands to wear, what holidays to make).


What worsens the entire situation, is that even the allies of Europe know that. When the US goes to its wars, to seemingly spread democracy, get rid of dictators or just to keep up their imperial presence on all oceans of the world, Europe rebuilds and helps, calls for donations and puts aside budgets. A first example of good doing is not doing good. Away from the media projection, the ones and things suffering are blended out; the elderly, homeless, the streets and bridges.


Who do we welcome to our house normally? A friend, a relative, an acquaintance maybe. All others suddenly appearing on our door step are eyed with scepticism, questions and distance; specially if that person is an adult, different looking and maybe even not speaking ones language. How can politics break that? Easy; by the use of children, small children best.

When a child washed up on the shore of a Greek island, a picture of the little body made people pay closer attention to the migrant crisis.

Before I continue, let me put straight, that of course this incident was terrible, and an innocent child died, but instead of taking the right approach, the uncontrolled leftist way was chosen and promoted.


Now the do-Gooders had a reason to action, shout out and even welcome grown up men with teddy bears when the open doors policy came into place through Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who selfishly acted over the heads of the sovereign states of Europe. It doesn't take much to win the masses.


Instead of closing the borders and with that avoiding further drownings of people, offering help in the region and pushing back the boats of human traffickers, taking them with that out of business, the fatal way was chosen; for a reason; a hidden agenda we may assume.


The gates of the middle ages were opened widely towards the 21st century. Instead of blaming the parents of the dead child, it was our fault, the European who wasn't open enough towards the people in need. (It later came out, that the child didn't have to flee, as it was already years in Turkey. The aim for a better life, with better social welfare motivated the father to risk the deadly trip. Economical migration). Economical migration is what forms 90% of the tsunami (in the words of Geert Wilders, head of the Dutch PVV Freedom party) of mainly Muslim young men from all sorts of countries, but mostly not Syria, like Gambia, Senegal or Nigeria, where maybe poverty, but surely not war is the reason for their coming.


The do-Gooder now continues, after the welcoming, to open their fridges with food, and their wallets with money; and as if it were their own resources to share, it is the state that pays.

"It is easy to distribute goods and money if it didn't come from your own pocket."


The do-Gooders don't wonder why Muslim countries don't take in fellow Muslims; they don't see that Muslim communities within their lands have never integrated but formed parallel societies. they don't see that Islamic communities are sponsored from abroad, like from Saudi or Turkey and grow and indoctrinate children. They don't see that its only Islam that demands one special right after the other. They don't see that tolerance has its limits and western and Islamic values can't coexists. The do-Gooder women, gays and left alternative men don't see that exactly what they represent will be erased and punished when the ones they are helping now will grow over their heads, through higher birth rates and huge family reunions. They are obsessed with a selfish drive to satisfy their do-Gooder ego. There is nothing social democratic about that even.


Europe and its nations have widely lost national identity, a sense of pride and self protection and defence. Exactly what the leftist main stream politics and media criticises about people who oppose them, is what they don't criticise towards the people they are helping, protecting and welcoming right now. Islam is very protective for example.


The biggest danger of the leftist main stream political correctness trend is, that they have made people agree, that to be left-wing means to be better, more caring and compassionate about ones fellow human beings. On the same breath stroke the right-wing is portrayed as selfish, nasty, racist and anti human rights.


Of course this is complete nonsense. Taking care of ones own people is far from selfish and non caring. Protecting ones country is surely not nasty, and defending ones lands from people that don't even recognise or respect women being equal or homosexuals being an equal part of society, is truly not anti humanism.


The 'well meaning' do-Gooders have created a monster, a formation of incompatibility ;tolerance towards the intolerant, political correctness towards reality, secularism towards divinity.


"Don't feed the rope that will strangle you!" Christopher Hitchens



By Thomas Fleckner

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