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The leftist puppets and totalitarian like mainstreaming


The world has a new innocence role model. A 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg. Since the climate summit in Katowice and her appearance at the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos, the pupil is something of the self-incarnated reason of the true. A staging by a foreign hand?

Greta's warning cry looks like a stranger's staging, which is already suspected of being ideological due to its viral distribution. The whole thing seems like a perfidious indoctrination of a child staging her as a know-it-all. And indeed, it is very difficult for anyone to gain even a spark of authenticity from this living "world conscience", which, like Hegel's world spirit on horseback, but the more presently haunted by the media.
The orchestration of Greta Thunberg by the "social conscience” through the media, looks like nothing more than a media-control from the left, which puts a child from the left hand into the streets.
If one dares to question the mascot of the Greens ideology, exposing it to where it belongs, immediately becomes a target of the left and the green doGooders.

Criticism is referred to an interview of the Swedish student with the German Press Agency, where Thunberg criticized that Germany wants to get out of the coal only in 2038. "That's absolutely absurd. And people think that would be good.” she said in Stockholm. Amazing and unreal that a 16 year old girl gets all that press attention for being a nobody; but with Greta one can probably do good business.
In view of such discussions, one can only ask oneself in Germany where common sense has remained. Of course, it is beautiful and admirable when children have visions of the future, criticize the zeitgeist and the hypocritical self-staging machinery of political discourse, but such a hype about a student is clearly going too far. If the left and the greens have such confidence in the childlike spirit, then they should free their places in the Bundestag for pupils and pupils.

Schooling in Germany is mandatory, and it is even a larger disgrace, that the chancellor supports the students protests on the street on Fridays, a demonstration where pupils stay away from school instead of sitting in class to learn.

Greta Thunberg, which suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a variant of autism that on the one hand involves profound developmental disorders, on the other hand refers to a weak social interaction and a stereotyped behavior with limited interests, now has been promoting the new issue of "We do not have time" and have collected around one million Euros.
When the authenticity and ideology seems lost or challenged, one seem to have to shame it putting children or youth up front to distort the masses.

According to the BBC news: In a video released on her official website, Angela Merkel said protecting the climate was a "challenge that people can only tackle together" (in German).

Asked about the Friday school strikes, which in Germany have been dubbed "Fridays for Future", Ms Merkel said the country's climate goals could only be reached with the support of wider society.

"So I very much welcome that young people, school students, demonstrate and tell us to do something fast about climate change," she said.

"I think it is a very good initiative," she added, without making reference to the fact that they were protesting during school hours.

Now this girl really does not come from nowhere. Let us ring the bells:

Greta’s mother is the Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman who was the country's entry in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Her father is actor Svante Thunberg, whose name was given after a far relative, Svante Arrhenius, a Nobel Prize winning scientist. In 1896 he first calculated the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

The right-wing Swiss magazine Weltwoche published an article entitled “We’re making a Climate Icon“. The article states that the success is largely because of the Swedish PR expert Ingmar Rentzhog, who connects into several propaganda organizations. It unmasks, that shortly after Greta began her strikes, her mother published a book. On the day the book was released, Mr. Rentzhog published a picture of Greta on strike on Instagram and publicized an article about her on Facebook. On top of that, Greta Thunberg was portrayed giving her speech at the UN summit in Katowice to almost no audience. Swedish public television, having arranged the pictures, gave the false impression that she had spoken to a large audience.

The media have contributed little to clarify the matters, but has almost exclusively released reports celebrating Greta Thunberg.

How about this, dear Greta believers:

A full day program on Sundays. Demonstration against poverty of the elderly and pensioners. A visiting initiative for lonely and isolated people in society. Helping to give out food to the poor and giving out clothes to the needy. What about a demonstration against governments sucking empty the social welfare and destroying the local industry? Oh and that would be all on one day. You would not use electricity, but only your energy without PC, smartphone and TV.


By Thomas Fleckner



Peter Tatchell; a disgrace for the LGBT community


Peter Tatchell was arrested in Russia, for demonstrating for LGBT rights in Chechnya. The sign Tatchell was wearing around his neck read: "Putin fails to act against Chechnya torture of gay people". Russian police described Tatchell's actions as an "illegal protest". He was said to be holding a demonstration near the city's Red Square area "to draw attention to human rights abuses against gay men in Chechnya".

We immediately ask ourselves, what does a British national have to do in Russia illegally demonstrating? Even in the West you must request for a permission to demonstrate, so any outrage about his arrest is unfounded. The Russian police treated him friendly and no violence was used.

What is illegal in Russia? The promotion of homosexuality towards minors.

Back in UK Islam is rising and threatening LGBT rights nationally. Why is he not there? Why is he not speaking out against the threats in his own country, or demonstrating against the situation in Chechnya there? Instead he is promoting a hypocrite stance that can’t be the representation on the LGBT community, compared to a black man promoting the Klu Klux Klan i.e.

It s utterly disrespectful and unlawful to misuse the hospitality of a country to then demonstrate illegally within.

Some people called Mr. Tatchell brave performing the demonstration; but in reality, it was not, because it had a show effect only and he was never in real danger. The question is, why didn’t he demonstrate in Chechnya? The answer is simple. He knows that he could be tortured there. (Source: Wikipedia)

No clear minded person cannot oppose the situation in Chechnya, but any actions taken should be done on legal basis and through national bodies and people, definitely not through press hungry show men.

The twisted mind of Mr. Tatchell can be witnessed from time to time. Here is one example.

In the picture he holds up a sign board against racism, but the message under has nothing to do with such. During the end of the 1970’s, Iranian fundamentalists invented the term Islamophobia in analogy to xenophobia. The aim of the word was to declare Islam inviolate. Whoever speaks against Islam is deemed a racist. This term, resulting from totalitarian propaganda, is deliberately referring to a religion, a belief system or its faithful followers around the world.

So here is someone who defends the term Islamophobia, comparing the criticism of a religion as racism and placing anti-Semitism under Islamophobia. Jews are the Muslims worse enemy and Islam is not a race. Islam is totally against homosexuality, whilst Israel has even legalized same sex marriage.

Peter Tatchell was scheduled to appear in court on 26 June for violating Federal Law 54 and Presidential Decree 202, which prohibit all protests near the Kremlin and during the World Cup. On the other hand, Russian authorities also recognized his flight back to UK on June 18, leaving him to go.

Peter Tatchell is not the representative of many LGBT members and can and will never be.


By Thomas Fleckner




How the German TV promotes supporting and hiding illegal Muslim migrants


German public service broadcaster ARD is featuring a weekly series called "Lindenstrasse". Its a leftist tendency portraying of the life of people in the Bavarian Street "Lindenstrasse".

Recently it has added the present migrant crisis as topic, by adding the actor Mohammed Issa playing Jamal, who came to Germany lying to be a Syrian refugee, but coming out to be from Morocco. On his way to Germany, he came with his parents, who were said to be killed in the truck bringing them there. Dunja Dogmani and Ayman Cherif are playing Neyla und Yussuf Bakkoush, the mentioned parents. During the episodes Jamal finds out that his parents are alive, and the political correct and tear jerking phase starts. Not only does the series promote the acceptance of forgiving and even hosting the lying Jamal, by letting one family of the Lindenstrasse 'adopt' him into their flat, by going him one room, but even allowing the found parents to come there.

To add more illegal drama, a friend of the family, an old man called Adi, played by Philipp Sonntag, agrees to pick up the parents from Austria and help them cross the border to Germany. The couple is dropped at the border by the man, whilst he is taking in by the police who were following them. Lies over lies get the helper finally released and Jamals parents reach their son. The family agrees to lie about the identity of the parents, to avoid deportation, and tell everybody that they are friends. Jamal is only allowed to stay, as he is declared as teenager without parents. Having found his parents would change his status and he would be subject of deportation. Even as the father becomes sick, and there is a suspicion of him having tuberculosis, the mother of the family called Iris, who is a doctor, plays the entire sickness down, and as expected in such a series, she is lucky that Yussuf has just a flu.

In one episode, the neighbour Iffi Zenker, who doesn't support the hiding of illegal migrants calls the department of health, that appear at the door of the family with the illegals, together with the police. The episode ends there, and in the next episode, it is no longer regarded, leaving the speculation open, that the family successfully lied about the status of their visitors. The illegal activity yet continues, when the dad of Jamal wants to leave to another city where is thinks to be able to work. As the German family wants to keep Jamal in their home, they discuss the possibilities of offering Yussuf work. Yussuf claims to be a painter, to he is offered a 'test' job to paint the room of a neighbour. They offer him 100 Euro, but greedy Yussuf asks for 150 Euro, and they finally agree on 130 Euro. Also here we can find one subtle message and another illegal activity. The neighbour says, that for 150 Euro he can hire a German painter, and by agreeing on 130 Euro, their is a bargain, but it promotes, that even illegal migrants should be paid equal with German qualified workers. The illegal part is, that it promotes the hiring of illegal workers, that don't pay tax and have no working permit.

Although the series also promote tolerance towards its newly featured Transsexual, typically it does not let the fake refugees meet this transsexual man, as of course, that would not fit, cause Islam has no tolerance towards neither homosexuals nor transsexuals.

Lindenstrasse has evolved to a construct of false tolerance and even the support of illegal activities done by Germans to support another illegal activity, the hosting of fake refugees, that have even admitted their false being by lying about their identity. Morocco is truly not a war-zone and without doubt it is completely right to say, that those belong to the many economical motivated migrants.

Finally, all this is not just a disgrace to the legal system, but a slap into the face of all legal migrants, who have queued and waited, struggled and educated themselves to be able to come to Germany, to work and stay legal. Again it seems that to come illegal, and with a bit drama in the story, its more tolerable to support illegals rather than legals.

Lindenstrasse is paid since decades by the public service broadcaster ARD, which collects money from all households in Germany. And instead of being neutral, and catering to all citizens, it continuously follows a pure leftist and main stream political correct line, reflecting even in their news broadcasts, that are tendentious also.


It is high time for the German population to stand up against a money collecting media industry, that forces people to pay for something they may not even want to watch.


By Thomas Fleckner


This is how coward the Greens and CDU Germany are


I gave it a try to post in their party official Facebook sites. What happened was most astonishing.

No reaction at all. No even one comment deleted silently. So, that means they are liars or they just don't dare.

Democracy lived?


What you propagate here on a poster is basically right. But .... They let uncontrolled people into the country who do not accept this. Even more ... The illegal immigration of Muslims, and this is not racist, because Islam is not a race, promotes exactly the opposite. Hatred of Jews, hatred of gays and lesbians, hatred of women's rights. They have long ceased to serve the German people, but a guilt complex that is outdated. In short, your policy does not support exactly what you are calling for here!



My comment has been deleted by the party. Wow. True democracy!

Your party is just absurd. Gay rights defending just an illusion from your side. Through your support of Islam, which is the most obvious collecting bucket of anti LGBT hate, you are cutting yourself. You are inviting those who are not standing for what you are promoting. Shame on you!



Think for yourself and decide


By Thomas Fleckner






Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner


Lets put the topic aside. But secular democracy should be without priests!

U.S. presidential campaign tensions seeped into a high-profile charity dinner on Thursday as Donald Trump joked about sending Hillary Clinton to prison and she alluded to Trump’s statements about women by estimating how he might rate the Statue of Liberty's attractiveness a four, maybe a five.


Lets forget even about the topics. That priest there is the most irritating figure during democratic secular election time, as religion is not at all democratic!



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