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Europe is in a state of a completely lawlessness patchwork


Child brides are not challenged, as Dutch asylum centres are reportedly housing 20 child brides between 13 and 15, just to name one example, and these are just official releases. Europe is experiencing established Sharia courts from and for the Muslim citizens, in regards to domestic problem solving, and Sharia law enforced in asylum centres. Within the same centres, violence against non-Muslims, and violence between the different Muslim tribes, child and woman abuse as if they were in their home country, and the refusal of certain foods, given by government and private helpers. The established Muslims are demanding and receiving special laws and pushing for even more. Girls to not sit next to boys at school, not to attend swimming lessons and being controlled on their way to and from school; not talking about the ones that are even not sent to school. Ghettos are all over; with Muslim supermarkets, restaurants, cultural centres and residential areas. The local language is either not learnt or just basic. The Muslim god is the law, hence above federal or national law, the man the head of the family and the woman worth a fraction of the man, depending on the interpreting Muslim tribe or branch. And the group of Muslims are growing, and now even more with the influx of Islam through the disguise of being a refugee.


Europe is dividing, and especially the east is standing up. Slovenia fears the 'end of the EU', Hungary demands an end to the 'Invitation policy' and Czech President casts refugees the right to abuse their children as 'living shields'. While the heads of state and government of the EU meet in the refugee summit in Brussels, sprinkle politicians from Eastern Europe not mince words with the public.

So the Czech President Milos Zeman has refugees from Syria accused of abusing their children as 'human shields'. 'Why these people grind their children on board rubber boats, knowing full well what dangers threaten it?', The 71-year-old said on Sunday the online edition of the newspaper 'Blesk'. Zeman accused them of trying to provoke in this way compassion. At the same time he claimed that most of the refugees were wealthy young men with smartphones that deserved no sympathy.


Zeman also criticized the open-hearted refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Said Raad al-Hussein, Zeman had criticized for 'repeated expressions of Islamophobia' recently.


The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared, however, that his country stood outside in front in the search for answers to the refugee crisis. 'Hungary is no longer on the route. We are here only an observer ', Orban said. Hungary has shifted with fences on the border with Serbia and Croatia, the refugee route in the western neighbouring countries. 'I hope that we are preparing this afternoon of the open border policy, which completely contradicts the Schengen Treaty, an end', Orban said. This 'Invitation policy' is contrary to the Treaty.


In Poland, the mood towards refugees appears to turn: Polls say the national-conservative opposition party Law and Justice (PiS) to top candidate Beata Szydlo a victory against the reigning for eight years Civic Platform of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz ahead.


In the German security authorities, the criticism of the refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is growing. Especially in the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Police, there are after information of the "Welt am Sonntag" serious concerns about the internal security of the Federal Republic.


"The high influx of people from other parts of the world will lead to instability of our country", therefore warns a familiar with security issues top official. "We produce through this immigration extremists, the civic centre radicalized because they mostly do not want this immigration and their it is forced by the political elite," he fears further. His prognosis is grim: "We will see a departure of many people from this constitutional state."


When Germany's border for refugees close who legally not entitled to asylum in the Federal Republic, which soon also other EU countries would do. Germany needs to play a role model, but its playing it not in the opposite way.


BND chief August Hanning, the security expert has designed in the past week, a ten-point program, in which he outlined how the federal government could proceed in the "current migration crisis". The catalogue of measures is the "Welt am Sonntag" before. Also for Hanning recovering control of the borders of Germany is the most important measure. The lawyer asks the "strict application of the national and supranational law."


The Ten-Point Programme of August Hanning in the wording


1. Statement by the Chancellor / Federal Government that the absorption capacities in Germany are exhausted until further notice and Germany cannot accommodate additional migrants more.


2. Transfer authority of the border to the federal police; for immigrants without an entry permit, in accordance with the legislation, those traveling without an entry permit are immediately to reject. An appeal to the country, via the federal police if necessary. Strict application of the national and supranational law.


No admission to asylum procedures for applicants who arrive from safe countries of origin to Germany. Possibly exemptions for minors traveling alone and families with children.


Acceleration official recording and recognition procedures through enhanced cooperation obligations of applicants and penalties in case of incorrect or incomplete information.


3. Immediate freezing of current migration flows along the Balkan route. Assisting countries that are affected by the migration crisis in a special way. (Comprehensive improvement in the protection of the EU's external borders, the creation of accommodation outside the EU's external borders).


4. Restriction of family reunification. It concerns immigrants who about 80 percent males between 17 and 35 years of age who come mostly from extended families. It is expected that with an unchanged average of each legal migrant there will follow at least four family members.


5. Residency obligation for migrants, coupled with benefit cuts or the exclusion of benefits in violation of the residence obligation.


6. Immediate start of a comprehensive program for the construction of shelters, both in Germany (in all provinces) and in the Middle East (construction of accommodation in Jordan and in Kurdish northern Iraq). Participation of future residents on the construction of these accommodations. Acquisition of financial assistance in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Target: subsequent repatriation of migrants to their home region.


7. Immediate creation of comprehensive employment programs and compulsory integration and language courses for migrants.


8. Invites of the Chancellor / Federal Government, together with the provincial governments to a "migration summits" to the representatives of all relevant groups in society who are involved in solving the migration crisis, with the aim of a coordinated action to resolve the crisis.


9. Talk to the Chancellor / Federal Government with representatives of trade and industry and the craft sector to promote employment of migrants and with the aim of a binding obligation of the parties to the training and employment of migrants. (This is a questionable point)


10. Program for immediate reinforcement of the security agencies of federal and state governments for the new challenges. Hiring of additional workers; obtaining and training of personnel knowledgeable about the cultural background of immigrants and appropriate language skills.


Germany holds a delicate position, it’s the key role in either the fall or continuation of the EU and Europe as we know it. It has many decisions to take, and many partners to listen to, but Merkel listens hardly, leaving the damn open to the uncontrolled influx of Islam. She doesn’t attack the US, as one of the main causes for the crisis in the Middle East. She doesn’t listen to the private sectors and partners between Russia and Germany and she doesn’t listen to her own party members who are increasingly going into opposition. She finally, and that is good, losing trust from the voters, but that won’t be enough, as there is hardly an alternative for her. the Lefts have betrayed themselves and their ideology, also the CDU and also the Greens. The hope may lay with the AfD and other small non Nazi parties. The people are on the street, and not only the do-Gooders, but the ones wanting to maintain Germany, Europe and the western values. Markel doesn’t listen.


The press is on course with the political propaganda. Alternative proposals are stated as far right, racist, extreme or islamophobia (The new western invention). The press is basically a publicising political agreement. Democracy is shaken to its limits.


But who doesn’t care less in this present situation? One the Lefts and centre Rights, the Humanists and the Christians even; secondly the Islamic migrants. They definitely don’t care about the EU politics; they care about the Muslim illegal migrants, Islam, Mohammed, the Koran and their Islamic life style and dictate. Most people coming share none of the European values, and they don’t care about them. They live by what they know, and they enforce what they have learnt. Who is going to stop them anyway, in their hundreds of thousands?


If the EU doesn’t get strict, uses Military force, cares about their values and defend their people and territory, Europe will either fall a part in two blocks and Schengen will die. Or it will completely collapse into a lawless continent, civil war and the establishment of a new system in one or two generations; the system of Islam.


As I am ending this article, a new headline appears in the German press: "We are drowning" - a call for help from the Bavarian police.


By Thomas Fleckner


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