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The German awakening – A reflection on the national 2017 elections


As the sun rose on Sunday the 24th of September this year 2017, roughly three quarter of the eligible voters took the road to reach their voting polls.

There was like a silence before the storm, some kind of tense loading; would Merkel be getting her deserved payback, through the loss of voters placing their mark for the CDU? Would the SPD drop to their record low as a discipline measure for following Merkel from one grand coalition to another, betraying their original ideology and putting a new leader, Martin Schulz, in front who claims to stand for the common man, but has pocketed millions when working for the EU before. (Btw, the SPD was one of the first parties standing for separation of church and state and encouraging people to resign from church. Now they have more than even religiously subscribed politicians than ever.) Will the Greens be able to stand their part, even though the CDU has already embraced basically all green politics? Will 'Die Linke' hold their flag for left politics, covering all left from the social democrats? And finally, will the liberal party FDP march back into parliament after dramatic losses before? And then there is the party all eyes were on; the only alternative for German politics, the AfD. Being insulted, not invited to many open TV discussions, being branded a Nazi party and placed into the far right corner, just like what we had observed with Geert Wilders from the PVV in The Netherlands, the AfD, this time, was about to have its major breakthrough. Expectations were around 9%, but the big surprise was about to come.

In reality, the AfD is a conservative, national liberal party, looking out for the interests of the German people, with no, not a single point in their party program indicating a relationship to former Nazi stances. Any intelligent person with a sense for common sense knows that patriotism has nothing to do with racism or fascism. No, the AfD is even opposing fascism with all its might, whilst the Left and the CDU are inviting a new form of totalitarianism into the country through the open border politics. Islam is far opposite to liberalism, incompatible with democracy and opposed to equality, Human Rights, especially women and LGBT rights.

How dare the present main stream elite accuse the AfD of something they are inviting and disguising with tolerance, a tolerance towards the intolerant.

There is no freedom without borders, and no tolerance without stopping the intolerant, no secularism when supporting theocracy, and no democracy when allowing totalitarian systems enter.

During the campaign period, we found accusations against the AfD spanning from total lies till finger pointing at things the leftists also did, but where never challenged about.

Let me put some examples next to each other, to see the absurd practice Germany has observed since:

Press: The press mainly reported about right wing activities in a negative way, or just blended out their positive actions.

When invited to TV shows, AfD members were not allowed to talk without being interrupted.

Violent far left demonstrations were portrayed either positive or watered down to something irrelevant, shown in an example of the demonstrations in Hamburg.

Public appearances: When the AfD had a public stage, the leftists stood about, whistling and screaming the event down. Actual serious people, who wanted to listen to the event, had hard times reaching it, being questioned by the police and walking through a crowed of loud and unreasonable herds.

Election advertisements: The AfD had hard times hanging up election posters, advertising their party. In many cities, the posters were ripped down, forcing the AfD to hang up their adverts only shortly before Election Day. Mainly in the provinces they had a better possibility to stay intact.

Information stalls: Many cities had their main set up of CDU, SPD, FDP, Greens and Die Links presented with representatives of their parties, so that the public could ask questions and get info materials. In yet many cities, the AfD was nowhere to be seen, out of fear to be violently attacked.

AfD politician Alexander Gauland was called a racist after saying that the German minister Aydan Özoguz should be "disposed of" in Turkey. This shows how unreasonable and false the political elite is. He was branded racist and dehumanising by the other German politicians. Let’s look at the truth behind this over blown issue.

Özoguz, who has Turkish roots, wrote in an article for the newspaper Tagesspeigel that "a specifically German culture is, beyond the language, simply not identifiable."

First of all, what Gauland said was verbal, and of course with no intention to pick up Aydan Özoguz and dump her physically in Turkey. Secondly, talking against a Turkish rooted German politician is not racists. Turkey is a nation, not a race. Thirdly, saying that Germany has no culture but the language is actually more insulting. Germany is a deeply cultural country, preserved through cultural heritages one can visit, classical music and paintings from old artists, architecture and the rise to a role model democracy, up to simple things as a hundreds of years old beer brewing art.

"No I don't have to apologize to Ms. Özoguz," Gauland said in the talk show "Hart aber Fair" on public broadcaster ARD on Monday night.

Gauland defended his remark by saying that campaign rhetoric is often harsh and that his co-candidate, Alice Weidel, has been called a form of Nazi sympathizer in satirical shows.

"Compared to that, 'disposal' is a harmless word," he said.

In 2012 Sigmar Gabriel said openly: "It is the goal, to dispose the entire government Merkel", hence an entire government with all its members even! Nobody shouted or opposed that announcement that time.

As the clock reached 18.00 hours, the first results came up; and yes both the CDU and the SPD lost largely. One million voters changed from CDU to AfD, many from the SPD to the AfD that reached roughly 13% of the votes. Even the CDU won, again and sadly, the awakening has begun with this election. The SPD with around 20% were on their lowest result ever, leaving the CDU with no other option to form a government with two other small parties, most likely the FDP and the Greens. It is to see and observe if it will work or fail and lead to new elections. Just like in The Netherlands, where Mark Rutte from the VVD is still in coalition discussions with even three more parties, just to avoid joining with the freedom party PVV.

The AfD came out third largest party, and at last there will be a real opposition on parliament.

One of the first things the AfD has announced to do, is to file a no-confidence vote against chancellor Merkel.

The AfD has gays and lesbians in their party, up front the lesbian Alice Weidel, not really typical for an alleged Nazi party. The party wants the citizens to hold plebiscites and referendums (Volksabstimmung), not something a non-democratic party would stand for. The AfD is not against foreigners, it wants an immigration system like in Australia, where the country can decide on who can come in or not, by needs and qualification; this is just a sign of care for its country and its people.

In their frustration and hate towards, just another democratic party, the lefties didn't shy back to even illegally spread their hate towards the AfD, by not only having AfD members and voters lose their jobs or giving them a hard time there, violently attacking AfD voters and members, but also by building up illegal demonstration spots, like shown as example, personally witnessed in the city of Muenster.

The following pictures were taken by Thomas Fleckner in the city of Muenster, where the illegal demonstration was being held, calling for non-democratic actions:


Police is in the background. Roughly 30min after this picture taking they were removed.

The AntiFa is also another leftist organisation that seemingly calls against hate, hate speech and violence; yet they use exact those methods they claim to oppose. Whilst the AfD comes with intelligent speech and arguments, the AntiFa comes with pure narrow mindlessness. It is absurd that these people place the AfD where the tiny parties a NPD, DVU and Die Republikaner are; as those parties are really far right and with a Nazism propaganda and tendency. As that is known, they reach a maximum of 1% of the votes, hence no chance to enter any parliament, even federal. The German people are not stupid, but it seems the main stream likes placing the population into the bag of idiots who don't know what they are doing. By the way, what does kicking someone out of the job have to do with democracy? If a company throws someone out for being gay or black or handicapped, the protest would be loud, rightly. But just because someone sympathises with the AfD, is a voter or a member, is completely out of proportion. The so called defenders of democracy are here showing their real face, and that they are more totalitarian than any other would even think to be.

Europe is slowly waking up, and besides, the problem with the illegal and fake migrants is not the only topic; the expanding Euro that is not affordable, the bankrupted states in the south like Greece, the centralised and undemocratic rule through Brussels are all topics tackled by the rise of the parties who care for their countries, who want sovereignty back and protect their borders.

In the past years parties as the PVV in The Netherlands, the Front National in France, the AfD now in Germany and the Finns Party in Finland and several more, are rising to stand ground, exactly to avoid a new form of totalitarianism, but to protect the national interests for the freedom of the European people, supporting democracy, culture and Human Rights in a patriotic way.

Finally, there was an attack on the AfD to be anti-Semitic, again nonsense.

Letting Islam grow would rather increase this problem, and AfD leader Gauland stated clear:"Anti-Semitism is in our party impossible."


By Thomas Fleckner

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